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The Gymslips



East London’s The Gymslips, Paula Richards, Suzanne Scott and Karen Yarnell,
stumbled onto the post punk landscape in their Monkey Boots and Levi’s in 1981. For live performances they would sometimes dress in school pinafores, but even kitted out in actual gymslips they still looked more like troublesome and mouthy extras from Grange Hill rather than members of say, the Mallory Towers lacrosse team, which their name might have suggested. Long before Britpop’s “Lad-ette” culture – you know, that time in the mid 1990s when media girls pretended to like football, pints and Oasis for a couple of months – The Gymslips openly embraced drinking, Pie & Mash, monkey boots and double denim right from the get go. Some would have them down as the first female Oi! band, but really they were so much more than that.

Accused of shoplifting riffs and bits of other songs from everyone from…

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