What’s Happening Today/Tonight? 2/10/19

DC Rock & Roll Flea Market w/ Surfer Joe, Frankie & The Pool Boys, The Young Barons, and more!

The City of Daly City presents…THE DALY CITY ROCK & ROLL FLEA MARKET, to benefit The Daly City Recreation Scholarship Fund

Featuring 30+ vendors selling records, vintage clothing/memorabilia, musical instruments, and more.

Beer and food available

Also featuring live performances by…

Surfer Joe (Italy)
Frankie & The Pool Boys
The Young Barons
The Greasy Gills
Three O’Clock Rock
The IFIC (feat. Jeff from The Hampton Wicks/The Clarke Nova, and Shane from The Bomboras)

Vendors include…
Pacific Pinball Museum
McDermott Guitars
Kepi Ghoulie
Elliot Kendall
Oodie’s HotMesh
TikiNancy Elizabeth
John and Dave Seabury
John Vignault
Tim Cissna
Nate Tynan
Louise Rosenthal and Valerie De Vol
Kai Wada Roath
KFJC 89.7 FM
…and many more!

General admission $5

***Please remember there will be live music going on during a big portion of the day. Though we have booked bands who won’t blow the roof off the gym, it will still be louder than your average record swap***




The Bellrays, The Atom Age, Smokers

1600 17th st
San Francisco
February 10, 2019 8:00 pm
Time: 8:00pm Day: Sunday Ages: 21+ Ages Price: $15

The Bellrays

If music is food for the soul, then The BellRays are Thanksgiving. At a BellRays show they know how to cook. Lisa Kekaula and Bob Vennum dish up plate after plate, hot and ready to eat. Each song gives you flavors that both taste good going down and make you wonder what’s in it. Yes, the ingredients are important, blues, punk, rock, R&B…But even the best ingredients, used too much or too little, can ruin the experience and tire out the senses. The BellRays have been perfecting this recipe for years now and may not win awards but if you are in earshot no one leaves hungry. The BellRays give you not only what you crave, but what you need in every bite.


The Atom Age find their inspiration from the dust covered collections of unhinged 60’s punk and R&B, whose crazed energy was once misconceived as a better fit for your trashcan than for your turntable. While taking many of their cues from these primitive pilgrims of punk, The Atom Age still strive to lay down their own modernized take on the sound. The band’s new record, Hot Shame, was co-produced by Blag Dahlia of the Dwarves, and channels a wide range of influences from bands like The Sonics, Link Wray and the Murder City Devils.



Oakland PubPunk.



What’s Happening Tonight? 1/19/19

SATURDAY, JANUARY 19TH  (Early Afternoon Outdoor Patio Show 2:00pm to 8:00pm)
Fat Wreck Chords, Sammy King and Depth Charge Present
El Rio  /  3158 Mission St.  /  San Francisco
GET DEAD  (Fat Wreck Chords)  –  headliner
THE LAST GANG  (Orange County / Fat Wreck Chords)
2:00pm door  /  3:00pm show  /  over by 8:00pm  –  Early Afternoon Show!
$10.00 to $100.00 Sliding Scale Benefit Show  /  21+
Please Note:  All proceeds from the door will go to the fire victims of the “Camp Fire” in Northern California.  Also, FAT WRECK CHORDS is going to match whatever is made at the door and all proceeds will go to the victims of the fire.
SATURDAY, JANUARY 19TH  (Early Afternoon Show 3:00pm to 8:00pm)
Baron Von Hand and Depth Charge Present
Knockout  /  3223 Mission St.  /  San Francisco
COLOR T.V.  (headliner)
QUITS  (from Denver / members from Planes Mistaken for Stars & Git Some) 
3:00pm door  /  4:00pm show  /  over by 8:00pm  –  Early Evening Show! 
$6.00 Admission  /  21+
SATURDAY, JANUARY 19TH  (Early Evening Event Starting at 5:00pm)
“GUITAR SOCIAL” hosted by McDermott Guitar and Three O’Clock Rock
Harmonic Brewing  /  1050 26th St.  /  Dog Patch  /  San Francisco
ST. MABEL  (headliner)
5:00pm to 9:00pm  /  All Ages
There will be lots of appreciation for you, the customers of McDermott Guitars and for those supporting Youth music, and/or both.
Please check out McDermott Guitars on the web to see and/or purchase your next vintage guitar or bass.  www.mcdermottguitars.com  
The latter of the three bands participate in the after school program and Summer Camp called Three O’Clock Rock.  This youth program starts bands, plays shows, make records, and go on tour!  For more info about the program, please visit them on the web at:   www.threeoclockrock.com  or call (510) 900-9490
Depth Charge Presents
Benders  /  800 S. Van Ness Ave.  /  San Francisco
TOY GUITAR  (on Fat Wreck Chords / members from Dead to Me, Decent Criminal and Genuine Parts)  –  headliner
VNLVX  (from Ventura / members of Massenger & Sweet Reaper)
MILK BATH  (ex-ИO///sé)
9:30pm door  /  10:00pm sharp! show  /  over at 12:30am
$5.00 Admission  /  21+

The Kids Are Alright…

This past Saturday I went to my friend Adachi’s pop-up restaurant Abura-Ya for some delicious fried chicken and great music (they always provide a wonderful abundance of both). It was a special night because the restaurant was hosting a showcase for Three O’Clock Rock, an amazing local resource for kids. Three O’Clock Rock is an amazing local resource, a school for kids that offers private and group lessons for guitar, drums, bass and keyboard, as well as classes in analog recording and video production. Basically it helps gives kids age 7 and up the tools they need to rock with confidence! It was great to see the very youngest students rocking out, and I think the Jet Stars (a group of slightly older and more advanced students) could hold their own on just about any bill with seasoned bands, they seriously rocked my face off and got me dancing! It thrilled my soul to see so many youngsters getting their start in music, it definitely gives me hope for the future!

After that I headed to an undisclosed location for a warehouse show featuring many strange and unusual performances (as well as the more familiar sounds of my beloved space cowboys Phenomenauts), the most notable of which was a performer called MOM. The set consisted of a woman wearing a red fabric mask and a sequined hot pants and tailcoat ensemble, singing along (through some sort of device that gave her voice the tone and cadence of the Chipettes from Alvin and the Chipmunks) to chopped up snippets of perky 1950’s pop rock songs combined with what sounded like children’s music, while a bespectacled young man rolled around on the stage, playing keyboard intermittently. This spectacle was punctuated with antics such as smashing hamburgers into the faces of nearby audience members and spraying milk from a large gallon jug over the crowd, then getting completely “nuded out” as Tesco Vee might say, while slipping and sliding around in a pool of milk that had accumulated on the stage while I gaped in amazement at these proceedings. I didn’t fully comprehend the meaning of all this, but it was definitely memorable and put some ideas into my head. The contrast between this and the PG events from earlier in the evening certainly made for an amusing juxtoposition! Sometimes I think I should have a film crew with me whenever I leave the house…