You Need to Hear This! 3/25/19

Ah, the 80s…


Where Did Our Love Go?

Well all righty then!

ESQ: There’s a show on Broadway, Motown: The Musical, that is selling phenomenally well. You performed on the 1983 TV special it’s based on. How did that come about?

AA: I have to admit, that was a highlight of my career so far, after the birth of my daughter. On a professional level I couldn’t believe it. I think Letterman said at the time, “What was he doing there?” The fact that I got on the show was purely by chance. I met a lovely lady called Suzanne de Passe, who was the president of Motown. Then I got introduced to Berry Gordy and stayed at his house a couple of times. He saw my videos, and the theme of the show was: yesterday, today, and forever. I came in the futuristic part. He liked the videos and said, “I want you on the show. Choose any song you like from the catalogue.” And I chose “Baby, Where Did Our Love Go?” I remember standing about ten feet away from Michael Jackson when he did the moonwalk for the first time. Then I had to go on after him, which was a bit of a task. He knocks the world out — “and now, from London, England…” I had a cartilage operation two weeks before the show and if you watch the performance, my knee went so I sit down on the stage before Diana Ross came on — which was totally unannounced — and started dancing with me. When I came off, and I remember Marvin Gaye standing there in a white suit and Smokey Robinson in a black suit and they just put their arms around me and it was astonishing.

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