What’s Happening Tonight? 11/13/17

Monday, November 13
And Every Monday
9pm – 11:30pm.
$7 Gen. Adm.;
$12 Reserved Seating.
Featuring performances by:

Fever Blister (Cleveland, OH)
Angie Cakes (Los Angeles, CA)
Contortionist Cirque du Clee
Major Suttle-Tease
Bo Vixxen
Red Velvet
Max Madame
Patty LeMelt

Hosted by:

Lysol Tony-Romeo & Maggie Motorboat


What’s Happening Tonight? 11/10/17

Hubba Hubba Revue
Wild Kingdom

Friday, November 10
And Every 2nd Friday
9:30pm – 2am.
$15 Gen. Adm.;
$25 Balcony Seating;
$30 Main Floor Seating.
Stalwart explorers, sexy beasts, and the wildest wildlife in burlesque! Gear up for adventure with The National Hubbagraphic Society, and join us on an expedition guaranteed to be naughty by nature!
Featuring performances by:

Rita Lynch(Rome, Italy)
Jack Dagger & Blanche Bourgeois(Los Angeles, CA)
Fever Blister(Cleveland, OH)
Angie Cakes(Los Angles, CA)
Ivizia Dankini(Portland, OR)
Vector Vervain(Portland, OR)
The Sizzling Sirens
Honey Lawless, Gigi d’Flower & Moose Knuckle
Ophelia Coeur de Noir & Maggie Motorboat
Major Suttle-Tease
Frankie Fictitious
Sgt. Die Wies
Luma Jaguar
Ava Lanche
Lady Satan
Red Velvet
Vixi Vale

Hosted by:

MC Kingfish & Alexa Von Kickinface

Shakin’ base camp with the platters that matter:

Meikee Magnetic(Turbo Drive)

What Could Go Wrong?

“Facebook Global Head of Safety Antigone Davis has clarified some things about how Facebook’s test pilot to combat revenge porn in Australia works. The strategy entails uploading your nude photos or videos to Messenger in order to help Facebook tag it as non-consensual explicit media.”

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Facebook does what it can to underplay how much data it gathers through contacts, and how widely it casts its net. “People You May Know suggestions may be based on contact information we receive from people and their friends,” Facebook spokesperson Matt Steinfeld wrote in an email. “Sometimes this means that a friend or someone you know might upload contact information—like an email address or phone number—that we associate with you. This and other signals from you help us to make sure that the people we suggest are those you likely already know and want to become friends with on Facebook.”

“When Steinfeld wrote “a friend or someone you might know,” he meant anyone—any person who might at some point have labeled your phone number or email or address in their own contacts. A one-night stand from 2008, a person you got a couch from on Craiglist in 2010, a landlord from 2013: If they ever put you in their phone, or you put them in yours, Facebook could log the connection if either party were to upload their contacts.

That accumulation of contact data from hundreds of people means that Facebook probably knows every address you’ve ever lived at, every email address you’ve ever used, every landline and cell phone number you’ve ever been associated with, all of your nicknames, any social network profiles associated with you, all your former instant message accounts, and anything else someone might have added about you to their phone book.

As far as Facebook is concerned, none of that even counts as your own information. It belongs to the users who’ve uploaded it, and they’re the only ones with any control over it.”

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