What’s Happening Tonight? 2/8/19

The Control Freaks/The Teutonics/Pops and Jerks

Event Details

Ok kiddies….it’s time for the beer in the face kinda sloppy show 2019 has been lacking so far..if this show doesn’t kick you in the gonads, I don’t know what will.

First up we got Pops and The Jerks…emphasis on the Jerk part too…playing the classic 70’s punk rock in the great perfect sloppy style it demands. I wanted to play with them ever since they FORCED me to sing a song I did in The Infections years ago, COM’ ON by the PACK…so come early!

Second up we got the drunken beer soaked insanity that is known as a Teutonics gig. Playing hits from the 2nd Reich, These guys put on a show. But if you are from the Bay Area you already know that…so bring your raincoat, your gonna need it….

Lastly you get The Control Freaks fresh off off recording a new LP that will melt your eardrums. In fact we love our own new LP so much, we are going to play only the new LP for this live show. Yeah no more old hits for you guys….I love it when bands play only the stuff you don’t know! LOVE IT…thats why we are doing it just to piss you off…that is our goal, and we hope we succeed.

So let’s go the beach, and don’t make us come to your house and drag your ass to the show while you are watching Netflix in your jammies either…, February 8th, Winters Tavern….


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