Celebrate Halloween With These Vintage Postcards!

Happy Halloween! 🙂

Through the Shattered Lens


It is hard to say when Halloween first became truly popular in the United States.  Most historians seem to agree that the traditions of Halloween were first brought to the U.S. in the 19th century by immigrants from Scotland and Ireland.  Though Halloween had its roots in pagan holidays, most Americans initially knew Halloween as being an evening of celebration before All Saints Day.

The commercialization of Halloween began in the early 1900s.  That was when postcards featuring pumpkins and black cats and even the occasional witch first started to become popular.  The postcards from this era were more playful than frightening, with several wishing their recipient a “Merry Halloween!”  Below are a few vintage Halloween postcards that show how Halloween was viewed at the start of the 20th Century.









Happy Halloween!



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What’s Happening Tonight? 10/31/18

DNA Lounge and Hubba Hubba Revue present

All Hallow’s Eve

Wednesday, October 31
9pm – after hours.
pop. new wave. gothic. industrial. 80s.
$13, $18 limited advance;
$20 advance after;
$30 door.
The DNA Lounge Halloween Extravaganza!

Midnight costume contest with $1000 in cash prizes!

With DJs in all four rooms:

KidHack (Future Universal)
Adrian A (Bootie)
Shindog (New Wave City)
Netik (Meat)
Devon (Turbo Drive)
Decay (Death Guild)
2nite (Hotline, Harder Better Faster)
Leonardo Barcellos (Acid Rain)
Switchblade (So Stoked)
Meraki (So Stoked)
Corrine (So Stoked)

Halloween Burlesque in Above DNA:

Luma Jaguar
Kara Nova
Mynx d’Meanor
Jonbenet Butterbuns
Willow Wraith
Edwardina Ghost
Jet Noir
Clara Bodacious
Dorian Dietrich

Main Room Ambient Performances by:

Pole Acrobat Teresa Li
Aerialists Ariyana La Fey & Jonbenet Butterbuns
Willow Wraith
Acrobat Mee Zee
…and The Hubba Hubba Go-Go Murder Maids!

Hosted by:

Dr. Kingfish, Alexa Von Pumpkinface & Maggie Motorghost

What’s Happening Tonight? 10/31/18

The Thing That Wouldn’t Die pt4

featuring HAYLEY & THE CRUSHERS as X + MRS. CROWLEY (Nasty Party) + THE RINDS as The Rolling Stones + THE OUTTA SORTS Buddy Holly & The Crickets + THE OGRES as The Monkees + THE ATOM AGE as The Cramps + THE TOMORROWMEN as The Clash with Okie Oran & dX The Funky Granpaw and more
8:00 PM
Elbo Room, 647 Valencia St, San Francisco
No automatic alt text available.