You Need to Hear This! 6/30/18


The Petticoats

What a woman! ❤


If you’ve ever flicked through Sam Knee’s book “Untypical Girls”, you will already be familiar with the book’s selection of photographs, featuring people like Kim Gordon, Poly Styrene or Dolly Mixture, alongside some of the less recognizable faces of the punk and post-punk era. One of the most compelling shots in the entire book is of a girl dressed in yellow, and photographed in the act of balancing a broken television set on a garden gate. That, is Stef Petticoat.

Stef Petticoat, was the founder, songwriter and vocalist of the all female, late 1970s, post-punk band The Petticoats.
She was also the guitarist, the bass player and the drummer. She probably drove the van, made the dinner, and set up the mic stands as well. Stef took the DIY to the next level, she wasn’t a solo artist….she, was a band.

The Petticoats, 1980 line-up in full:

Vocals –…

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