Klepto-Bowie-mania: The Items We Would Steal From “David Bowie Is”


Filthy Dreams

David Bowie is, March 2, 2018 through July 15, 2018, installation view (Photo: Jonathan Dorado, Brooklyn Museum)

“I can’t give everything away,” were some of the final words heard from David Bowie on this planet on the final track of his last album Blackstar. And true to form, he really didn’t–remaining the man who fell to Earth as much as a mere man since his first inhabitation of the Bowie name until his death in January 2016. While titled David Bowie Is, the current exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum doesn’t dismiss this mythology or force Bowie to take off any of his many masks, even through a staggering collection of over 500 objects.

From enormous video installations showing footage from Bowie’s iconic performances, including a personal favorite stint on Soul Train, to handwritten lyric sheets to his recognizable costumes, David Bowie Is traces Bowie’s development, his artistic influences…

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