The Worst Band in the World

AHAHAHAHAHA!!! That’s it. I’m officially dead now. My Pal Foot Foot has killed me.


I think we probably all have our own candidates in this particular category, but the one band who seem to have clocked up the most official nominations over the years, are an all female sister act from New Hampshire.

The Shaggs, comprised of the Wiggin sisters, Dot (vocals/lead guitar), Betty (vocals/rhythm guitar) and Helen (drums), who started playing in their hometown of Fremont, New Hampshire in the mid 1960s. Before The Shaggs, Fremont NH had only ever been notable for a couple of minor UFO sightings and an incident in August 1959 when a B-52 bomber crashed into the town’s Spruce Swamp, without, for the first time on record, actually killing anyone. The wreckage of the same B-52 is still on display in the town’s museum, should anyone wish to visit.

Dot, Betty and Helen, were groomed for pop stardom by their father Austin, who’s own Mother received news during…

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What’s Happening Tonight? 3/31/18

March 31, 2018
9:00 PM
The Longboard Margarita Bar
180 Eureka Dr, Pacifica, CA 94044



Kung Fu Vampire, The Klown, Fou Fou Ha, TrashKan Marchink Band

Saturday 3/31

9:00 pm

This event is 21 and over

Limited early tix $10! Then $15 until 3/25 and $20 after.


Into the Forbidden Zone: Varosha, ghost city of Cyprus

Paul Dobraszczyk

Varosha from Palm Beach Varosha from Palm Beach

In 1974, the glamorous resort town of Varosha in Cyprus was abandoned by its 35,000 mainly Greek Cypriot residents after the Turkish army invaded the northern part of the island. Now fenced off and forlorn, Varosha has never been resettled, being set aside by the Turkish authorities as a possible bargaining chip should negotiations even begin with the south. Today, nearly 40 years after being abandoned, Varosha remains one of the largest modern ruins in existence, on a par with Pripyat in the contaminated zone around Chernobyl in Ukraine.

2. Fence around Varosha1. Fence around Varosha

As part of the militarised zone between northern and southern Cyprus, Varosha is effectively off limits to all but official visitors: a ‘Forbidden Zone’ as the countless signs along the fence proclaim (1). The fence itself is a formidable barrier to any would-be explorers: a mixture of barbed wire, corrugated iron, Prickly…

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“Easter” was Patti Smith’s third studio album. Released in March 1978 it is often seen as her “breakthrough” album, mainly due to the inclusion of the single “Because The Night” (a co-write with Bruce Springsteen) that had reached number 5 in the UK singles charts earlier in that same month.
The year before in early 1977, the Patti Smith Group had been touring their previous release “Radio Ethiopia” with The Bob Seger Band when, during a show in Florida, Patti had lost her balance, tripped over a monitor and fallen 15ft onto a concrete floor below. Her resulting injuries included broken bones, a cut to her head and damage to her vertebrae.
Smith interpreted the incident as God’s response to her constant challenges,
“I feel it was his way of saying, ‘You keep battering against my door and I’m gonna open that door and you’ll fall in” she told Melody…

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You Need to Hear This! 3/26/18


“Today, Bag released the video for “Se Cree Joven,” which she sings entirely in Spanish. The title translates to “she thinks she’s young,” and was inspired by an experience Bag had at a dollar store. “A couple of women were talking about me and my appearance behind my back (they assumed I didn’t speak Spanish),” Bag says. “Instead of giving them a piece of my mind, I walked away and let it fester until it became a song about not giving a shit what other people think.”