Why don’t you show up?

From Wherein we still need you to actually show up and stuff. by JWZ

“It seems like every couple of weeks someone asks me, “So is DNA still having money trouble or is everything cool now?” No dude, everything is very much not cool. The money situation has basically not improved in the slightest.

I guess I have to keep saying that over and over or people will just assume everything is fine and they can go back to not caring…”

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I triple dog dare anyone who finds their own couch so much more compelling than going out to see local live entertainment to comment on this post and tell me why. Is it a money issue? Lack of transportation? Agoraphobic? Just not interested? Is there anything you actually would be willing to show up for? I will be utterly shocked if anyone responds to this, but stranger things have happened and it could be illuminating…