Dirty vs. Clean

From Callousness to Inequality is Dooming Climate Change Progress, by Jay Youngdahl:

“Workers care as much or more about a healthy climate for their grandchildren as anyone, but without ways to earn a quality standard of living today, they will not have healthy, happy grandchildren to live on a clean planet in the future. So, if they have a good paying job, dirty or clean, they’re going to fight to keep it.

As former President Obama told a world food conference in Italy in May, for those battered by the storms of inequality, “it’s a luxury to worry about climate change.” If people feel like they don’t have control over their lives, he continued, “then they will resist efforts to deal with climate change.”
Climate change is real and deadly serious. But so is income inequality.”

“Demanding sacrifice from workers struggling to provide for their families while sitting in the soft perch of a tenured faculty position or green finance job has a “do as I say not as I do” quality that will never produce environmental progress. Bill McKibben, a respected advocate, has called on people to mobilize around climate change like we are in war. But in the last global war, World War II, everyone in the United States pitched in, rich and poor. Where is the equality of sacrifice today?”

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