“When you write your own songs, nobody knows when you mess up.”

From Interview with Cynthia Ross of the B-Girls, by Amy Haben:

“It was 1976 and the punk thing was starting to happen all around the world, but mainly in New York, Toronto, L.A. and London. There were many young guys forming bands and most of them couldn’t play. As a girl standing around watching this, I had an occurring thought that I could do this too, and why not? I was at a Thin Lizzy show and afterwards we went to a party in Phil Lynott’s hotel room. There was this other girl there that I used to see at all the shows. She was also hanging out at the punk clubs that we started and ran. She looked really good and we were in the bathroom putting on make-up, as girls do, and I just looked at her and said, “Have you ever thought about starting a band?” She looked at me and said, “Every day.” Her name was Lucasta Ross (no relation). I said to her, “Do you play anything?” She said, “No, but I can sing.” She asked, “Can you play anything?” I said, “I played piano as a kid, but I’m a bass player.” She said, “Oh, so you play bass?” I said, ”No, but I just know I’m a bass player.”

She said, “When are we starting this band?” I said, “Right now.”

Read the rest here:



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