The Mexican Spitfire

“Throughout her career, Vélez’s onscreen persona of a hot tempered, lusty “wild” woman was closely tied to her off screen personality.[29] The press often referred to her by such names as “The Mexican Spitfire”, “The Mexican It girl” and “The Mexican Kitten”.[28] Vélez consciously chose to promote her “Whoopee Lupe” persona but dismissed the idea that she was wild. In an interview she said: “What I attribute my success?, I think, simply, because I’m different. I’m not beautiful, but I have beautiful eyes and know exactly what to do with them. Although the public thinks that I’m a very wild girl. Actually I’m not. I’m just me, Lupe Vélez, simple and natural Lupe. If I’m happy, I dance and sing and acted like a child. And if something irritates me, I cry and sob. Someone called that ‘personality.’ The Personality is nothing more than behave with others as you really are. If I tried to look and act like Norma Talmadge, the great dramatic actress, or like Corinne Griffith, the aristocrat of the movies, or like Mary Pickford, the sweet and gentle Mary, I would be nothing more than an imitation. I just want to be myself: Lupe Velez.”[30]

About Lupe Velez:


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