What’s Happening Tonight? 8/18/17

Fri Aug 18: Handsome Hawk Valentine presents: Les Grys-Grys (Garage Rock from France), The Krypters (Garage) & Aloha Screwdriver (Surf/Punk) – $8

Fri Aug 18th 9:00pm – Sat 19th 1:00am

Les Grys-Grys (France) – Whoa ! Is there any other word to effectively describe this assault on the ears ? It’s the sound of suburban frustration taken out on unsuspecting punters at the local dancehall circa ’65, but served up on black was today for everyone to marvel at .

The debut single from The Stones-aping quintet from Montpellier, France is « Only » a pair of covers but that just adds to the R&B authenticity, doesn’t it ? The Masters Apprentices get done over on the A-Side, with everything turned up into the red . The unintelligible slurring vocal is the only thing stopping in from being world-beating . Meanwhile their other cover, of the Jimmy Hughes ( via The Spectres ) cla ssic, is brazen : they speed things up, completely alter the lyrics just for fun, and basically spin it into Back From The Grave – worthy garage – punk gold . A provocative and unhinged beginning . Based on this evidence, our world is theirs for the taking.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…Grys-Grys are comically shit hot…everyone that’s seen them live knows that…but let’s go to Boston for confirmation:

“They are monsters!!” JJ Rassler – DMZ


If you like The Sonics, The Fuzztones, The Cynics and all that 80s Garage-Rock style….you should definitely check out The Krypters!

“The Krypters are a classic five piece garage/punk rock band with great early 80’s punk energy and a charismatic front man leading the way. ” – El Rio reviews.

Aloha Screwdriver delivers a high-octane mix of surf and twang. The Alameda, CA-based instrumental group formed in 2009 by three friends (possibly from another dimension) who have been playing music together since they were 15 years old.

In 2011, Aloha Screwdriver released their first CD, titled No Way Out. Recored to tape entirely on vintage gear, the 8-song EP has a uniquely saturated, old school sound that sonically sits right alongside ’60s recordings of Dick Dale, but calls itself out with its punk-tempo pacing and rock-inspired drumming.

What’s Happening Tonight? 8/15/17

Underground Nomads

Date : 08 / 15 / 2017
Time : 8pm-10:30pm
Address : 1192 Folsom Street

*** 3RD TUESDAYS *** Underground Nomads Welcomes PEEPSHOW *** NOTE : EARLIER SHOWTIMES. Peep Show Performances will start at 8:30pm. Performances at Other Underground Nomads Tuesdays will begin at 9PM starting in September. Check here every week for lineups and start times, as sometimes they shift slightly. Ladies and gentlemen, and everyone in between, and beyond. Hur-ray, Hur-ray down and see the Peepshow at our new location at F8 Nightclub, August 15th as we present you with astounding feats of drag, burlesque and variety.

Flyer for: Underground Nomads

What’s Happening Tonight? 8/14/17

Monday, August 14
And Every Monday
9pm – 11:30pm.
$7 Gen. Adm.;
$12 Reserved Seating.
Featuring performances by:

From Pixie Stixx Burlesque (San Diego, CA):
Sweet Dee
Ruby Couture
Cora Comhither
Sucre Juliet
Delysia Decadence
Phoenix A’Blaze
Plus, special guest:
Una Solitaire(Portland, OR)

Hosted by:

MC Kingfish & Maggie Motorboat

What’s Happening Tonight? 8/12/17

Depth Charge Presents
Benders  /  800 South Van Ness Ave  /  San Francisco
HIGH ANXIETY  (Record Release Party!)  –  headliner
SEVERANCE PACKAGE  (featuring Robin & Josh from Black Fork  /  from Chico)
9:00pm door  /  10:00pm show
$5.00 Admission  /  21+


Saturday August 12

The Knockout
3223 Mission Street, San Francisco