Then, When There’s No More Cars, You Go Out at Night and Eat Up Bars…

From Are Cars Really Going to Disappear? by Matthew Walther:

“Still, I think it is unlikely that anything like Europe’s new anti-car push will happen in the United States soon. We are too culturally attached to cars, and everyone from the oil industry to the automakers to the hundreds of thousands of small businesses that would not exist without the car market as we know it will unite against any hard ban on traditional automobiles in this country. Besides, this is a huge country. One-hundred fifty miles won’t get you from London to Manchester in a trip — imagine trying to do an old-fashioned American road trip from Toledo, Ohio, to Golden, Colorado, in an electric car. That’s 1,250 miles. You’ll have to plug your “car” in nine times. Nobody wants to stop that often. And all of that is to say nothing about the security of our power grids. What would happen if the Chinese or the Russians shut them down for two days?”

Pretty much what I was thinking…

Read the rest here:


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