The Heavenly Alarming Female

Of course we all know the story of how the goddess Ame-no-Cozumel-no-mikoto (aka “The Great Persuader” and “The Heavenly Alarming Female”) saved humanity from starvation and eternal darkness by performing a hilarious striptease and starting a raucous party with her mere presence, but have you heard this one?

When Ninigi was about to descend, a frightening earthly deity appeared to block the intended path. This was an immense creature, with a back extending seven fathoms, a nose the size of seven hand lengths, a colossal mouth, and eyes glowing like fire. Ninigi sent Uzume on ahead to investigate this leviathan, charging her to use the daunting power of her looks to question and subdue him. The fearless goddess accordingly descended and went to Saruta-Hiko: Uzume encounters Saruta-hiko

Ame-no-Uzume forthwith bared her breasts and, pushing down the band of her garment below her navel, confronted him with a mocking laugh. Then the God of the cross-ways [Saruta-Hiko] asked her, saying:“Ame-no-Uzume! What meanest thou by this behavior?”

She answered and said, “I venture to ask who art thou that dost thus remain in the road by which the child of Amaterasu no Oho-Kami is to make his progress?”

The God of the cross-ways answered and said, “I have heard that the child of Amaterasu no Oho-Kami is now about to descend, and therefore I have come respectfully to meet and attend upon him. My name is Saruta-Hiko no Oho-Kami.” (Nihongi 77)

Thus, it turned out that Saruta-Hiko was not an enemy after all, but would prove to be a valuable guide and aid to Ninigi. Without the courageous intervention of Uzume, however, the heavenly Kami might not have learned this in time to benefit from his help. Satisfied, “the terrible female of heaven” accompanied Saruta-Hiko on the rest of his journey to greet the August Grandchild (Kojiki 137-141).”

Bwahahaha! Read all about it here:




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