“What if your market based system is destined to fail?”

From Listen, Yimby!, by Tim Redmond:

“When the current market forces, driven not by planning or Nimbys or Yimbys but by the availability of capital, build housing in San Francisco, they tend to drive up prices.

That’s backwards, right? If there’s more housing, it should be cheaper; everyone knows that.”


“I am told by the Yimby that building more housing for rich people will take the pressure off the existing housing stock, which again sounds perfect — in theory. In fact, building more market-rate housing has, in many cases, the effect of driving up land values, of making other housing more expensive and leading to displacement.”

“The issue is whether the people who live here now get to stay. And the current Yimby model generally ignores that question. Until you address that problem, you are going to have a very hard time getting political traction in cities like San Francisco.”

“This is a city under enormous pressure, brought on by a tech boom that the current residents never asked for. That pressure has spread to Oakland, where you are meeting.

People who have lived here for decades, in some cases for generations, are being forced out by people who have more money. It’s no surprise that there is a lot of anger.”

Read the rest here:



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