What’s Happening Tonight? 7/16/17

Chuckleberries, Hollywood Sinners (Spain), 1906, Pogo Ono — 6pm show!

Sunday, July 16 @ 6:00 pm10:00 pm

at Hemlock Tavern

1131 Polk St. , San Francisco


In these difficult times, without so much as a bridge to cross, when something as important as the Lusty Lady can’t even survive, well…The Chuckleberries are just what we need. The members are long time rock and roll royalty. Singer/drummer Russell Quan is perhaps most famous for his work with The Mummies (formed in 1988), but he also rocks with his long-haired, vest-wearin’ Deutschband The Dukes of Hamburg. He is also often spotted around town doing his fabulous DJ thing, or simply bouncing about at live shows. Killer guitarist Jay Rosen appears alongside Klaus Flouride when backing up the Legendary Stardust Cowboy. He sells guitars and amps (mostly vintage) via his website. Starting the show on a 12-string guitar, he proclaimed it “Jangle Pop”. Frontman Dave Seabury has played with everyone from Jonathan Richman to Psycotic Pineapple. The whole crew is endlessly devoted to live music. The Chuckleberries are a cover band, but wait — they are not your typical cover band. These guys must have some serious record collections because the songs they play span the spectrum, from the fairly well-known Byrds classic “Mr. Spaceman” to the lesser known Turtles ass-kicker “Outside Chance”. Best of all, they always include a Rutles song or two. If you don’t have some Rutles in your catalog, stop what you are doing and head to the closest record store. With perfect guitar and bass lines, well-done harmonies and wild drum flair, The Chuckleberries play the catalog as well as you are likely to hear the catalog.

This Toledanian combo was formed in the beginning the new century! The only way they know is making noise and breaking down their instruments. Four persons started Hollywood Sinners but actually they are only 3 (they don’t need more), and with the new drummer, Marco from Niddles and other crazy garage combos, they are getting wildest. Their punk-garage has driven them to do 2 europeans tours, lot of concerts in UK and couple of weekend festivals all around Europe (Wild Weekend, Shout Party, Beat Bespoke, Rotterdam Rumble, Suicide Twist…) making in every concert a really great party! They have 3 LPs, 7 singles and songs in a lot of compilations in labels like Dirty Water Records, Slovenly Recordings, Animal Records. As they say: DISASTRO GARANTITO!!

’77 punk rock San Francisco.

San Francisco power pop.


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