What’s Happening Tonight? 7/7/17

Hubba Hubba Revue
State Fair

Friday, July 7
9:30pm – 2am.
$15 Gen. Adm.;
$25 Balcony Seating;
$30 Main Floor Seating
Step right up, Step right up! San Francisco’s world-famous burlesque revue presents you with a blue-ribbon exposition guaranteed to pop your prize petunias! See star-spangled spectacle, Summertime tease, and a honkin’ brassload of marching band clowns!
Featuring performances by:

The Trashkan Marchink Band
Kali Von Wunderkammer (Seattle, WA)
Eve Riot(San Luis Obispo, CA)
Clay Mazing(New Orleans, LA)
Lady Beast(new Orleans, LA)
Gogo Mcgregor(New Orleans, LA)
Chairmyn Meow(Colorado Spring, CO)
Siren Sapphire, Sugar Lee & Wild Shelly Fiddlebones
Ophelia Coeur de Noir & Jonbenet Butterbuns
Dorian Dietrich
Frankie Fictitious
Max Madame
Vixi Vale
Charlie Duneaux
Maggie Motorboat
Miss Savvy
Cabaret San Jose
Gorilla X
…and the Hubba Hubba Revue prize-winning go-go dancers!

Hosted by:

MC Kingfish & Alexa Von Korndogface

And shakin’ the midway with blistering beats:

DJ Brycie Bones


Performances by…

DeeDee Queen

Mone’t Ha-Sidi


Kitty KaPowww

Dina Discordia and Emjay Mercury

Llano Blue

Clavicle Cupcake

Snow Wonder

Tas DeVille

Hosted by Magnoliah Black

Produced by: Team StarFox (Andi Stardust & Laika Fox)


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