What’s Happening Tonight? 7/31/17

Monday Night Hubba
Szandora’s Summer of Love

at DNA Lounge
375 11th ave
San Francisco
Monday, July 31
And Every Monday
9pm – 11:30pm.
$7 Gen. Adm.;
$12 Reserved Seating.
Featuring performances by:

Szandora LaVey
Pearl E. Gates
Lady Satan
Miss Honey Penny
Ifn Whendy
And musical guests:
The Violet Peals

Hosted by:

MC Kingfish & Maggie Motorboat

What’s Happening Tonight? 7/30/17

SUNDAY, JULY 30TH  (Early Show 4:30pm to 9:00pm!)
Depth Charge Presents
Hemlock  /  1131 Polk St.  /  btwn. Sutter & Post  /  San Francisco
LENDAKARIS MUERTOS  (Basque Country – Spain)  –  headliner
THE PATHOGENS  (Sebastian’s birthday!)
4:30pm door  /  5:00pm show  /  bands finished at 9:00pm  (Early Evening Show!)
$8.00 Admission  /  21+




The Kilaueas
The Tomorrowmen
Fascinating Creatures Of The Deep
Aloha Screwdriver

Sunday July 30, 2017
Doors: 5pm / 21+ / $20

at The Ritz

400 1st st

San Jose CA

What’s Happening Tonight? 7/29/17

Depth Charge Presents
El Rio  /  3158 Mission St.  /  btwn. Cesar Chavez & Valencia Sts.  /  San Francisco
DFMK  (from Tijuana, Mexico)  –  headliner
THE BAR FEEDERS  (Cecil & Trey’s Birthday!)
9:00pm door  /  10:00pm show
$8.00 Admission  /  21+

What’s Happening Tonight? 7/28/17


Date and Time

Fri, Jul 28, 2017, 9:30 PM –


Oakland Metro Operahouse

522 2nd Street

Oakland, CA 94607

$20 – $150

Manarchy is a new kind of male revue. Talented men giving a middle finger to toxic masculinity. Featuring a wide range of performers from burlesque to circus to dance. Not only that but our show is welcoming to all genders and orientations that enjoy naked men. So if you want the wild sensual fun of a bachelorette/bachelor party mixed with bay area weirdness bring your ass out to Manarchy!!

Then, When There’s No More Cars, You Go Out at Night and Eat Up Bars…

From Are Cars Really Going to Disappear? by Matthew Walther:

“Still, I think it is unlikely that anything like Europe’s new anti-car push will happen in the United States soon. We are too culturally attached to cars, and everyone from the oil industry to the automakers to the hundreds of thousands of small businesses that would not exist without the car market as we know it will unite against any hard ban on traditional automobiles in this country. Besides, this is a huge country. One-hundred fifty miles won’t get you from London to Manchester in a trip — imagine trying to do an old-fashioned American road trip from Toledo, Ohio, to Golden, Colorado, in an electric car. That’s 1,250 miles. You’ll have to plug your “car” in nine times. Nobody wants to stop that often. And all of that is to say nothing about the security of our power grids. What would happen if the Chinese or the Russians shut them down for two days?”

Pretty much what I was thinking…

Read the rest here:


The Heavenly Alarming Female

Of course we all know the story of how the goddess Ame-no-Cozumel-no-mikoto (aka “The Great Persuader” and “The Heavenly Alarming Female”) saved humanity from starvation and eternal darkness by performing a hilarious striptease and starting a raucous party with her mere presence, but have you heard this one?

When Ninigi was about to descend, a frightening earthly deity appeared to block the intended path. This was an immense creature, with a back extending seven fathoms, a nose the size of seven hand lengths, a colossal mouth, and eyes glowing like fire. Ninigi sent Uzume on ahead to investigate this leviathan, charging her to use the daunting power of her looks to question and subdue him. The fearless goddess accordingly descended and went to Saruta-Hiko: Uzume encounters Saruta-hiko

Ame-no-Uzume forthwith bared her breasts and, pushing down the band of her garment below her navel, confronted him with a mocking laugh. Then the God of the cross-ways [Saruta-Hiko] asked her, saying:“Ame-no-Uzume! What meanest thou by this behavior?”

She answered and said, “I venture to ask who art thou that dost thus remain in the road by which the child of Amaterasu no Oho-Kami is to make his progress?”

The God of the cross-ways answered and said, “I have heard that the child of Amaterasu no Oho-Kami is now about to descend, and therefore I have come respectfully to meet and attend upon him. My name is Saruta-Hiko no Oho-Kami.” (Nihongi 77)

Thus, it turned out that Saruta-Hiko was not an enemy after all, but would prove to be a valuable guide and aid to Ninigi. Without the courageous intervention of Uzume, however, the heavenly Kami might not have learned this in time to benefit from his help. Satisfied, “the terrible female of heaven” accompanied Saruta-Hiko on the rest of his journey to greet the August Grandchild (Kojiki 137-141).”

Bwahahaha! Read all about it here:




What’s Happening Tonight? 7/27/17

Starlight Room Cabaret

450 Powell St.San FranciscoCalifornia
  • When: Thursday, Jul 27, 2017 9:00 PM (Doors open at 8:00 PM)
  • Ticket Price: $10.00 $35.00
  • Door Time: 8:00 PM
  • Show Type: Live Show
  • Restrictions: 21 & over
Join us for an evening of burlesque and variety between the starsndcabl cars at the historic Starlight Room. Seating ends at 8:45 sharp. Doors open at 8:00pm Latecomers are welcome in our unseated gallery.
Frankie Fictitous
Kiki La Chanteuse
The Lynx Show
Hunny Bunny
Vixi Vale
Mojo DeVille
Maggie Motorboat
Feel Woods
DJ Limbs Akimbo (Damen Gonzalez)
With special guest, Bo Vixxen and Hex in City Burlesque
  • at Forbidden Island
  • 1304 Lincoln Ave, Alameda, CA
  • July 27, 2017
    8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Lorenzo Surfer Joe is truly one very active figure in modern surf music. Basically present to any world surf music event as artist or organizer, Lorenzo has collected an experience of way more than a thousand concerts since the late 90s. Constantly on tour in Europe and USA, Lorenzo had the honor to play on guitar or drums with several surf legends and he has shared the stage with many surf bands.

When talking about surf music with Surfer Joe you don’t look for compromises: REVERB, high rhythms and great energy! It is a concert that looks back to the origins of the genre, but shows its evolution and variety, going from the heavy Dick Dale sound to lounge and progressive atmospheres, always keeping an eye on the melody and the quality of the arrangements.

What’s Happening Tonight? 7/26/17

Jeff Rosenstock
Punk, songwriter
Laura Stevenson
Folk rock, indie rock
Kitty Kat Fan Club
Funky metal
Kepi Ghoulie
Pop punk

Bottom of the Hill 
1233 17th Street (17th @ Missouri) 

San Francisco, CA 94107

Wednesday July 26 2017
7:00PM doors — music at 8:00PM ••• ALL AGES




“Woman is at once apple and serpent.” – Heinrich Heine


A monthly monstrous novelty programme featuring the hell-borne hijinx of the Bay Area’s finest! A living cabinet of curiosities, oddities, and sensualitease! Ladies and gents, we’ve got a fantasy fueled lineup in this girl show – grind show – freak show and our gals are prepared to perform for your exclusive edification. YOU! Come watch. • WILD WOMXN • WANTON ART • =========

Featuring.. :: Bendy Barbie :: ¡ Hunny Bunny ! :: Queer Kween of Conceptual Performance :: ¡ Cinnamon Maxxxine ! :: Pin-Up Pony :: ¡ Miss Savvy ! :: Ritual Theatre :: ¡ Vixi Vale ! :: Celestial Burlesque :: ¡ Gabriela Starchild ! :: Uncensored Artivist :: ¡ Mimsy Honkerdoo ! ========================= THE BAWDY DIVINE W/ Magnolia Black!!! DRAMATURGY W/ Kaila Prins!!! ========================= *** ::


 Alexa VK will be keeping you kempt as our mistress of ceremonies!

 8pm doors • 9:00 show $10 21+

at The Golden Bull

412 14th St Oakland, CA

•••• #hausserpens | @hausserpens ••••