The Punk Dump

From My Visit to The Punk Dump, by Tom Hearn:

“I remember at Cheshire High School there was an election for Student Body President or something between Ged and another kid. The whole school in the gym filling the bleachers on both sides. The first very clean cut guy gets up and reads a nice speech into the micrphone that is only facing the bleachers on one side of the room with his back to the other side. Ged gets up next to give his speech, and takes the microphone off the stand and turns around and just talks off the top of his head to everyone while walking around. He charms the school. Thunderous applause and he wins the election. Many years later I asked him about this. He told me he walked to school that day along the canal line railroad tracks and smoked hash. Said he was completely stoned at the time of the speech.”

Read the rest (and see the pictures) here:


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