Ugly Girl Sanctuary

From On the Outs, by The Bookslut:

“In our beauty and sexuality dominated culture, this isn’t just about not finding a husband or wife. The beautiful get better job opportunities, they get on tv no matter if they’ve got anything to say. Now that there’s no health insurance anymore, it might be that only the beautiful survive, better able to draw sympathy and donations to their gofundme for life or death surgery.

It’s hard, then, to stop banging on the doors of the sanctuary, begging to be let in. I’ll dye my hair, I’ll wear the fake eyelashes, I’ll get a Tinder account, I’ll take pole dancing classes, I’ll marry a man who beats me, whatever it takes. Those who can’t compromise, or try so hard and can’t figure out what they’re doing wrong, sometimes yeah they get a gun and blow their brains out on live television.”

Read the rest here:


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