You Need to Hear This! 1/23/17

“While the early ’80s saw D.C. punks on a morality kick, on the other side of the Atlantic, Las Vulpes were all about promoting the pleasure principle. Founded by a group of teens in Basque Country, Vulpes (“foxes,” and sometimes styled as Las VulpeSS) would become Spain’s first all-girl punk band. The band’s claim to fame was “Me Gusta Ser una Zorra”—which translated to “I Like Being a Slut,” and was their cheeky, hyper-sexual take on the Stooges’ “I Wanna Be Your Dog.” As outlined salaciously by frontwoman Mamen Rodrigo, love was a con, a diversion from the carnal satisfaction they so desperately craved.

Released eight years after the death of the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, Vulpes’ anthem for sexual freedom was far too much for a country still stinging from Franco’s staunchly Catholic, authoritarian regime (in which contraception, abortion, and divorce had been outlawed for decades). The band made their television debut in the spring of 1983, on the Spanish program “Caja de Ritmos” (“Drum Machine”). Their performance of “Zorra” was the show’s death knell, prompting protests and a newspaper editorial that condemned the program. Despite an amiable defense from Televisión Española reps, “Caja de Ritmos” was canceled, and the network was sued by the Attorney General. Vulpes disbanded mere months after the performance, but would reunite briefly in 2005 to record their only studio album, Me Gusta Ser, which shed some overdue light on their significance to the first wave of Spanish punk.” –Suzy Exposito

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