Shutting Up: A Bubble Bath For The Mind

From Sometimes the World Needs Your Silence More Than Your Voice, by Talia Jane:

“We should want to seek out information to learn and grow – that’s unequivocally good and important. But somewhere in the rat race we’ve replaced the process of learning and growing with “Seek out information just to comment on it.” When a celebrity dies, you have to say something or it might look like you don’t care. When a gross injustice occurs, you have to stomp your feet in rejection of it or it might seem like you’re in favor of it. We’re constricting ourselves with our commitment to establishing our presence on an issue rather than exploring the different aspects of that issue. We think we’re expanding our minds, but really we’re just reinforcing the opinions we’ve already decided, only taking the time to meekly investigate other perspectives after the story has stopped trending and everyone’s moved on.”

“Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it’s actually incredibly freeing to decide to just completely skip out of the #discourse. You get to interact with information more intimately, knowing that you’re reading a story just for you. Not to bring up at dinner or post on your aunt’s Facebook wall or to dissect over a 73-tweet chain. It’s like taking a bubble bath for your mind. You can take as long as you want learning about an issue, because there’s no rush to add your opinion to the mix.”

Read the rest here:


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