If I knew you were coming I’d have baked a cake…

What in THE hell?!

“According to court documents, Wohlers was in his full uniform and “used his apparent law enforcement authority to intimidate, harass, and threaten” Byron about her personal life. The lawsuit says Wohlers took Byron’s tea, and when she went to retrieve it he fired his stun gun at her. She said she was knocked to the floor and the court document says Wohlers “jumped onto Ms. Byron, kneeing her in the chest.” He then removed the stun gun prods from her body and left.”

“The cake Wohlers baked provides his version of the encounter and clearly shows a person Wohlers firing the Taser at Ms. Byron. It also reads “Sorry I Tased You,” the complaint reads. The cake depicts two stick figures in frosting, with one aiming something with black wires at the other.”

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What’s Happening Tonight? 9/30/16

Sister Grizzly (EP Release), Sweetwater Black & The Shams

September 30 @ 9:00 pm1:00 am
at The Uptown Nightclub,

1928 Telegraph Ave Oakland , 94612


Sister Grizzly (EP Release), Sweetwater Black & The Shams

Don’t miss three of the Bay Area’s favorite rock bands onstage at the Uptown to celebrate the EP release of Sister Grizzly!

Sister Grizzly (EP Release): Formed in Oakland, CA in 2005 by singer/guitarist Tom Grigor and drummer Justice Israel, Sister Grizzly self-released two EPs: All of This is True in 2009 and On Nights Like This in 2011. After years of performing as a gritty two-piece, Grigor and Israel decided to bring in additional musicians to pursue a more fully realized sound. Bassist Eric Mai and lead guitarist/keyboardist Jordan Griggs (The Cushion Theory)  joined the band in 2013 and shortly thereafter, the group began writing songs and recorded their debut full-length, Truth & Consequence which was released in July 2014. 

Sweetwater Black: “Sweetwater Black is a Bay Area based trio that reflects influences from bands like the Black Keys and Black Sabbath. Like Black Sabbath, the band has sludgy-sounding instrumentals backed by powerful vocals. -Erin Dage “The Deli Magazine”

The Shams: The Shams began in 2011 in San Francisco, lead by energetic and charismatic front man Sean Daly, from Donegal, Ireland. In the last year, The Shams released their award-winning EP “One and All”, embarked on a Northwest tour and sold out the legendary Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. The Shams are quickly becoming a fan-favorite by combining their hard rocking, punked-up beat and raw, powerful vocals. Their repertoire of original songs reach deep down into their rebel roots and pulls out incredibly original tracks that illuminate what it means to be Irish. They provide listeners with a new, hard-hitting perspective on the evolution of Irish music, unlike any you’ve heard before. With each fiery live performance, The Shams are leaving listeners begging for more.