What’s Happening Tonight? 8/9/16

Very special Tuesday night show!!!
The Bradipos IV — Caserta, Italy
The Mach IV
at Forbidden Island
1304 Lincoln Ave, Alameda, California 94501
More info:
Formed in 1994, The Bradipos IV are one of the first Italian surf music revival bands. Italy is now known as the mecca for surf music, with the annual hosting of “Surfer Joe”, the biggest instrumental festival in the world. What exactly is a Bradipos? Some kind of sloth like creature that is the antithesis of these stylish and energetic Italians. Their sound is Vespas and Morricone, Lido-au-go-go and Sixties Beach Party. This is the second US tour and second show at Forbidden Island for the Bradipos IV.
The Mach IV are reuniting for one Bay Area show before they tour SoCal. The Mach IV were a surf music supergroup formed by Mel Waldorf (Meshugga Beach Party), Ferenc Dobronyi (Frankie & the Pool Boys, Pollo Del Mar), Johnny Hamilton (The Berzerkers, Shig and the Buzz) and beloved songwriter and drummer Shigemi Komiyam (Shig and the Buzz, The Shi-tones). Mel, Johnny and Ferenc will come together for the first time since Shig’s passing in 2014, with Tony Bald (The TomorrowMen) filling in on drums.

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