Knights and Devils

Food for thought from thebookslut:

“In this version, victims’ identities are reduced down only to their victimhood. And the bad guys are only evil, nothing else. At the House of Terror, the experience ends with a wall of photographs of collaborators. It’s a public shaming, but all we know about them, all that is given to us to know, is that they done wrong. We’re not allowed to know how many of them had kids at home they were trying to protect and feed, how many of them were tortured, how many of them just wanted to get through this alive. There’s no information on the dozens of tiny compromises each person living under an oppressive regime must make every day, all of the little distortions of your moral center and your view of reality that slowly erode your sense of right and wrong. Just: here’s their picture. They did wrong. And we can stand on the other side, pointing our fingers and thinking, “I would never do such a thing.”

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And also:

“Because real societal change is a hard slog. You don’t jump into the fray, swing your weapon around a bit and then call victory. You contribute, a tiny bit at a time, and most likely you’ll die without seeing the end result. That doesn’t feel good, so much more satisfying to pick a target and ruin his life, because that at least feels like something. You can see the end results there.

Or, even worse are the people who just go back to their couch to watch, to comment, to retweet, thinking a few hollow words will change the world.

But if we all could turn this energy around, if we could distinguish between the representative and the source, if we could all stop waving our swords uselessly in the air, imagine what we could do.”

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Saint George and the Dragon, by Paolo Uccello


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