I Don’t Do Emojis…

From The Tipping Point for Rebellion, by Tom Goodwin:

“We are all getting lazy and spoiled. We’re not choosing simple over better, but easy over passably good. We’re self-sabotaging ourselves because effort is a price too great to pay for anything.

In a world of endless free ways to communicate, we’re making very dumb decisions about how to. We have at our fingertips at any moment in time the richness of full video chat, free of charge. We can speak on the phone to anyone in the world, in real time, for as long as we want. For free. Yet we’re tapping away, expressing ourselves to our most intimate friends … with emojis.

By any measure, emojis are one of the worst ways ever to communicate. They impart very little meaning, have no context, no subtlety, they take a long time to find and understand and even on a good day they are frequently misunderstood. The hieroglyphs of 5,000 years ago fell out of fashion because we invented far richer, far more specific, ways to record data. Yet we’re using emojis because they are easy.”

Read the rest here:


I myself have zero interest in emojis, Tinder, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. Not so much in a “Get off my lawn!” kind of way, but more of an “I don’t like crap” kind of way…


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