We are all stock models now…

From Things I Learned Doing Stock Photography Modeling by Andrew Kimler:

“Here’s a handful of gems I learned as a Stock Photography Model.

1. You Have Zero Control Of Your Own Narrative

The tricky thing about stock photography modeling is that you never know when something is going to surface and certainly not what it will be used for. Because of that, you can go years in ignorant bliss before the past comes back to haunt you. When it does, you can suddenly be the face of something you’ve never heard of or an embarrassing product you would never use, like a newspaper. Most of the time these things are innocuous. But when you sign up to model for stock photography, you never know where your face will land, which means people can make assumptions about you that are often untrue. Professional models have the option of turning down work, or knowing what they’re signing up for when they go into a shoot. When you do stock, you can be anything.”

Read the rest here:


Except now with the ubiquity of smartphone cameras and the fact that it’s considered socially acceptable to take pictures of random strangers and post them on the internet, you basically agree to become an unpaid stock model just by appearing in public.

Exhibit A:


Apparently there are a few very limited legal protections available to you in certain limited circumstances, but that only works if you become aware your image is being used, and by then it’s usually too late. Food for thought…


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