Live Fast, Die Young or…

Old punks never die, sometimes they become vicars and veterinarians, barristers and bankers! From Never Mind the Bus Pass: Punks Look Back at their Wildest Days, by Nige Tassell:

Steve Ignorant, 58

Then: lead singer, Crass

Now: lifeboatman

“The crew took me out on the boat, dressed me up in a drysuit, threw me overboard and picked me up, then asked, “So, what about joining?”

At first, I was very reluctant – I worried about the commitment and imagined that I would have to go on parade. The idea of some bloke looking me up and down and telling me off for not shaving properly went totally against my principles. But they were all scruffier than me. Now I’m a full-time member.

Being part of the crew is similar to being in a band. You’re full of adrenaline when you’re on stage, but the worst thing that can happen is that you forget the words or the lead guitarist plays a bum note. It’s not the same adrenaline when you’re suddenly out at sea and pulling someone from the water. It affects different people in different ways. It doesn’t hit me at first, but about an hour later, it’s as if I’ve taken amphetamines. I can’t shut up about it.”

Read the rest here:

And here’s your soundtrack:



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