Get The Funk Up!

From Get The Funk up, a Tribute to Prince’s Batdance by Maria Lewis:

“The song itself was a biopolar audio experience, mixing the classic sixties Batman theme by Neal Hefti with dialogue clips from the film, an electrical dance beat and groove undertones while Prince purs lines that only occasionally have anything to do with Batman.

“I wanna bust that body, oooh yeah ooooh yeah,” he croons at one point, which – to be fair – is totally something Batman would say to a villain in the context of busting in their face in the name of justice.”

BWAHAHAHAHA! Read the rest here:


From In Defense of The Batdance by Mo Shafeek:

“Prince’s career has had more than a few successes since this album, but Batman is unfairly looked upon as one of the lowest points for him. Despite this philosophy, I argue that in the context of the album, “Batdance” isn’t as bad as you remember. It’s a fun little lark that you can imagine Prince recording on his free time, as homage to his generation’s Batman: one that was fun, and certainly one that danced. And even still, the album as a whole, when removed from the shadow of the film, is a success of showcasing what Prince is capable of. It operates as a bit of a mix-tape for those who may have been uninitiated. It certainly was a gateway for me, as this was one of the first albums I ever owned, and while it would be years before I appreciated it on the level required to parse the brilliance of Prince, it is still one I return to regularly, more so than even the film to which it belongs.”

I agree! Read a discussion of the rest of the album here:


From Prince and Big Daddy Kane Made a ‘Batdance’ Remix That Warner Bros. Wouldn’t Let You Hear:

“I have no regrets about that record. I wanted Prince to like it. I really didn’t care if Warner Bros. liked it. I wanted the guy who I admired to admire something that I had done for him.

And so when one of my friends, this engineer named Sal Greco who worked with Prince at Paisley Park, told me that Prince had heard the mix, and that he loved it, that was enough for me. That was the greatest honor in the world. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Wouldn’t change a thing.”

Read the rest here:


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