Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life…

I’ve been hoping it was a hoax since I heard the sad news this morning, because I really don’t think the world can handle losing the seemingly immortal Bowie AND Prince in the same year, but I guess it’s really true. We seem to be losing so much genius and talent lately, we just have to work that much harder to make up for the loss…

From a fascinating multimedia essay by Anil Dash about the influences behind the creation of Prince’s “Purple Rain” (I highly recommend reading the whole thing):

“Though the idea of “blue states” and “red states” wouldn’t catch on for another two decades, it’s an appropriate framework for Purple Rain’s goals; The song was designed as a perfect amalgamation of red and blue tastes. Much has been made of Prince’s pioneering role in bridging white and black music, of bringing together funk and soul audiences with more conventional rock fans. But little has been said about exactly how he achieved this effect.

Prince simply made use of one of the most potent and consistent techniques of his career: careful appropriation of popular trends in pop music, filtered through his unique sound.

Traditional evaluations of Purple Rain’s songs have tended to describe it as a particularly original creation, given that it includes such distinctively Prince-ly works as When Doves Cry and Darling Nikki (both of which he wrote and performed entirely by himself). But Prince was always watching closely to see what was popular around him, and he put those observations to use in creating the album.”

6 Fascinating facts about Prince you may not know (for instance that time he hit Michael Jackson in the crotch with a ping pong ball):

Quotes, quips, and advice from Prince:

And this seems apropos, a sizzling tribute to the Purple One from the incomparable Francine Dead:

I can’t think of him as really gone, he’s just purifying himself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka…



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