What’s Happening Tonight? 4/8/16

Hubba Hubba Revue presents: Cartoon Funhouse!
Ahoy, boys and girls! Join Captain Kingfish, Miss Alexa, and all their cartoon friends, as the world-famous Hubba Hubba Revue turns Friday night into Saturday morning with a sexy burlesque send-Up of your favorite classic kiddie shows!
Friday, April 8
And Every 2nd Friday
9:30pm – 2am.
$15 Gen. Adm.;
$25 Balcony Seating;
$30 Main Floor Seating.
Featuring performances by:

Miss Prys(Portland, OR)
Birdie LeTramp(Portland, OR)
Miss May(Los Angeles, CA)
Mystic Circus(Phoenix, AZ)
Hunny Bunny & The Hot Toddies
Honey Lawless & Gigi d’Flower
The Devil-Ettes
Maggie Motorboat
Sawyer Jewels
Lookie Lulu
Ophelia Coeur de Noir
Cyanide Cyn
Rizzo Rogue
Bunny Pistol
Lady Satan
Andi Stardust
Laika Fox
Jet Noir
Toppy(The Aether Brigade)
Fishnet Follies
…and the Hubba Hubba Revue Go-Go Peanut Gallery!

Hosted by:

Captain Kingfish & Miss Alexa

And rockin’ the Mystery Machine:

DJ Brycie Bones


Quaaludes, Mane, Foster Body (SLC), Rays

Friday, April 8 @ 9:00 pm11:55 pm | $7

at Hemlock Tavern

1131 Polk St. , San Francisco, CA 94109 United States

All girls all the time.

Garnet meets violet meets meatlocker.

A punk combo from SLC.

“Fantastic dark-night-of-the-soul punk gnarl.” – Dynamite Hemmorrhage


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