The Happy Pancake Witch

Are you one of the select group of people plagued with a vague memory of a short film from the late 60s about a witch that fed people blueberry pancakes that made them see polka dots and become super happy? I’m not one of them, but I did randomly stumble across this during my internet travels today:

And apparently it’s quite a Happening:

This (along with Charly and The Man Who Fell to Earth) only serves to strengthen my opinion that everyone on the planet was on mass quantities of drugs throughout the entire 60s and 70s. Also I now have an intense craving for blueberry pancakes. And I wouldn’t mind a big house for $400…


Nothing like a little wiretapping between friends…

How SilverPush uses your smartphone to spy on you:

“When the Center for Democracy in Technology (CDT) first raised the alarm about SilverPush last November, the internet reacted by being predictably angry and creeped out. The CDT elaborated on the technology’s implications, saying:

“For example, a company could see that a user searched for sexually transmitted disease (STD) symptoms on her personal computer, looked up directions to a Planned Parenthood on her phone, visits a pharmacy, then returned to her apartment… While previously the various components of this journey would be scattered among several services, cross-device tracking allows companies to infer that the user received treatment for an STD. The combination of information across devices not only creates serious privacy concerns, but also allows for companies to make incorrect and possibly harmful assumptions about individuals.”

Read the rest here: