Loving The Alien: Filthy Dreams’ Hinterland David Bowie Tribute Playlist

Filthy Dreams


Well, yesterday was a doozy wasn’t it, dear Filthy Dreams readers? Learning that after the release of his haunting album Blackstar on Friday, David Bowie passed away, returning to his home planet that he fell from years ago. By essentially heroically scoring his own death with Blackstar, especially the song “Blackstar,” which seems to enact Nietzsche’s eternal recurrence, Bowie reminds us that while David Jones may have “dropped his body,” as Genesis Breyer P-Orridge says (and is anyone more worthy of that description than Bowie), Bowie–the myth and the music–will live on forever.

For us, as many others, Bowie represented possibilities–self-creation, androgyny beyond labels and a sense that we, as fellow weirdos, were not alone. After a day of snot-running ugly crying, we decided to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and celebrate Bowie’s music with a playlist of his underappreciated songs (yes, after Blackstar, which we included for our…

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