La Lollo!

I desperately want Gina Lollobrigida’s outfit!


What’s Happening Tonight? 1/30/16

SATURDAY, JANUARY 30TH  (Early Afternoon Show 3:00pm to 8:00pm)

Alcoholocaust Presents
Knockout  /  3223 Mission St  /  btwn Cesar Chavez & 29th Sts.  /  San Francisco
BITE¬† (Vinyl E.P. Release Party for “Fight the Fight”)¬† –¬† headliner
HE WHO CANNOT BE NAMED  (from The Dwarves)
THE EYESORES  (from San Jose)
Doors open at 3:00pm  /  Show at 4:00pm  /  Bands finished at 8:00pm  /  Early Afternoon Show!!
$8.00 Admission  /  21+


“Fiery vomiting and venting in a menacing manner”.

“Mr Yamamoto said he wasn’t sure why he and Bowie had such an affinity, but that “something resonated between us, something that went beyond nationalities, beyond gender”.

Through his style and performances, he said, Bowie “broke one sexual taboo after another”.

“What he did in terms of bridging the male-female gap continues to this day,” he said, including in the increasing acceptance of gay relationships in Japan.

Among his most famous outfits for Bowie was Space Samurai, a black, red and blue outfit adapting the hakama, a type of loose trousers which samurais wore and which are still worn by martial arts practitioners.

He also sometimes wore a kimono-inspired cape with traditional Japanese characters on it which spell out his name phonetically, but also translate to “fiery vomiting and venting in a menacing manner”.

Well all righty then! Read the rest here:

AFP/Getty Images 

The dramatic cape could be whipped away on stage mid-performance