Corndogs and Minutemen

“As that Volcano Suns lineup took the stage for the last time, I was pretty torn up. I was quitting my first band of any note less than a year and a half after we had begun. The experience had been incredibly frustrating. But then something good happened, and I’ll always remember it. D. Boon ambled over to the front of the stage. At first I was mortified. Here was the master, standing directly in front of me, the hack, for nearly the entire set. I tried desperately to conjure some kind of guitar playing that would not embarrass me. But he seemed to enjoy himself. He made eye contact. He smiled. A lot. I smiled back.”

Read the rest here:


One thought on “Corndogs and Minutemen

  1. H-Bomb says:

    Yep, Mr. Waleik Pretty muched nailed. All the guys in the Minutemen were just awesome in so many ways, but Boon stood out on that count for me. Easily one of the coolest people I’ve ever known. He is greatly missed.


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