Either Stop Eating, or Stop Looking Disgusted…

This one time I was scarfing down soup dumplings at one of my favorite Chinese restaurants with Sir Howard and our friend Renee when my attention was drawn to some kind of commotion going on behind me. I paused my voracious eating to turn around and witness a blonde Lululemon type woman freaking out because she had apparently found a hair in her food or something. I shrugged and went back to eating (wen I find a hair in my food 9 times out of 10 it’s my own) and continued to do so until I heard Renee,who is a “shoot from the hip”, tell it like it is kind of gal, say: “Either stop eating, or stop looking disgusted. You can’t do both!” I turned around again and the woman was indeed dutifully eating her meal and looking as though she were swallowing rocks and live snakes the whole time. I found the whole thing hilarious (in fact I’m still cracking up about it), but the more I think about it, the deeper Renee’s statement sounds. Either stop eating, or stop looking disgusted. Pick one and go with it! Good life philosophy! 😉


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