What’s Happening Tonight? 11/13/15

Hubba Hubba Revue presents: Fairytales!
at DNA Lounge
375 11th st
San Francisco
Friday, November 13
And Every 2nd Friday
9:30pm – 2am.
$15 Gen. Adm.;
$25 Balcony Seating;
$30 Main Floor Seating.
Once upon a time, in the magical land of Hubba, all the woodland creatures, wicked princesses, beautiful witches & princes-charming gathered together in the enchanted castle called DNA Lounge, to put on the biggest, wildest, burlesque show anyone had ever seen!

Featuring performances by:

Valerie Stunning(Las Vegas, NV)
Asimov Atomsmasher(Portland, OR)
Olivia Bellafontaine(Los Angeles, CA)
Dolly Danger(Los Angeles, CA)
Vienna La Rouge
Rizzo Rogue
Kay Bambola
Elyse Elaine
Jay Bee
AerialistJonbenet Butterbuns
aerialist Electric Blue
The Sizzling Sirens
Fishnet Follies
Kitty Von Quim
The Pearls of the Pacific
Gorilla X
…and the Hubba Hubba Go-Go Pixies!

Hosted by:

Good King Fish & Alexa Von Princessface

With DJ:

Meikee Magnetic(Glitterazzi)


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