Do Homeowner’s Assiciations Ruin Everything?

I was kind of wondering about this:

“Racism. No, really. Prior to legal precedents that outlawed segregation in the 1940s and 1950s, homeowners associations and similar covenants were used to prevent ethnic groups from living in certain communities. An example of a city that faced these types of issues was Seattle. Things changed in 1948, when the Supreme Court ruled such covenants unconstitutional in Shelley v. Kraemer. Fortunately, this is not a current reason for homeowners associations (thanks to the later passage of the Fair Housing Act of 1968), but it did play a role in their early formation in some cities.”

“Love Canal in some ways is the perfect example of the potential for the value a homeowners association can bring to a neighborhood. The community, located in Niagra Falls, New York, found itself dealing with a major environmental crisis when it was discovered that the neighborhood decades earlier was used as a chemical dumping ground—with the neighborhood’s primary school right at the center of that dumping ground.”

“Slowly getting organized as it became clear just how screwed up the situation was getting, local residents formed the Love Canal Homeowners Association in August 1978. The group geared up for a fight—a fight to prove to both industry members and the government that the only way to solve this problem was by getting everyone out.”

“Soon after the group formed, president Jimmy Carter declared the neighborhood an emergency area. It took nearly two years and a major uphill battle, but the group eventually persuaded the federal government to move the neighborhood’s many families elsewhere.”

Read the rest here:


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