Concrete Bus Stops as Architectural Splendor

Photographer Christopher Herwig spent 12 years covering over 18,000 miles by car, bike, bus and taxi to find and photograph some amazing architectural and artistic experimentation in the form of concrete bus stops in Soviet Russia:

“The Soviet Union is a time and a place commonly misinterpreted as one of conformity and of restrictions on creative freedom. To the contrary, functionaries of the state, albeit sometimes anonymously, were experimenting in design and planning departments across the entire territory.”

“Built seemingly without design or budgetary restrictions, bus stops proved to be fertile ground for artistic experimentation. Herwig shows us everything from strict Brutalism to left field exuberance. All-in-all, considered collectively, these bus stops are, for Herwig, not a reflection of a top-down state but of barnstorming thinkers.

“These bus stops are less about the Soviet Union as a whole and more about the local regions and individual artists … people who were often creatively oppressed.”

Read all about it here:

View story at

And check out Christopher Herwig’s book here:

credit: Christopher Herwig


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