The Case of the Vomiting Vampire

In the course of my adventures this past weekend, I happened to see a very strange compilation of scenes from various horror movies being projected onto the wall of the music venue I happened to be at. Some of the films shown were ones I was familiar with, others were decidedly not. One of the more bizarre examples of the latter involved a tuxedo clad vampire drinking blood from the neck of a curly haired blonde in period clothing. After he’d had his fill and dribbled a good deal of it from his mouth in an apparent state of ecstasy, he began to convulse violently, then ran to a bathroom and proceeded to ferociously vomit (or chunder hardcore, as one of my coworkers likes to say) into the bathtub for about five minutes straight before it switched to a different clip. I was so baffled and disturbed by this that I demanded an explanation from the internet. After typing in various combinations of key words (which brought up some pretty interesting results), I finally stumbled across this article from io9:

Which is how I found out the movie was called Blood for Dracula by Andy Warhol. The io9 article (which is a pretty hilarious read in and of itself) summed it up thusly:

“Better known as Andy Warhol’s Dracula, this movie is the most completely bat shit, whack job vampire movie ever. Dracula is running out of blood in the country, so he moves to the city in hopes of finding more. But here’s the catch: He can only drink the blood of virgins. Which means there’s a lot of “are you a virgin” questions being thrown around. Meanwhile his assistant is boning his way through each potential meal for his master. It’s complicated.”

Hahahaha! Well all righty then! Sounds about right to me:

Mystery solved!


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