A Hundred Drunken Burglars Couldn’t Have Made More Noise (or It’s Raining Cats!)

In honor of National Cat Day, here’s a tale of what happened on a January night in 1914 when 25 ravenous felines were set loose in a butcher shop:

“[T]he owner has two cats of his own, trained to eat no meat, which he always leaves in the shop overnight.

The first peripatetic pussy that was pushed through the fanlight was pounced upon by the faithful feline guards of the pork chops.  They grabbed him and sought to shove him into the sausage chopper.  But other felines came through the fanlight. It began to rain cats.  The guardians of the garbage cans made short shrift of the tame tabbies of the butcher shop.”

What the Sun story fails to report is that a young man was pushed through the fanlight before the cops stormed the shop.”

Read the rest here:



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