Ever Want To Strand Yourself on a Desert Island With Nothing But Cats?

This guy did! I think I’d go crazy with no music, though…

From Atlas Obscura:

“To prepare for his stay, which he envisioned would last for years, Neale stockpiled supplies. On the island of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands, he perplexed store owners by buying their entire inventories of flour, sugar, kerosene, and coffee beans. As word spread about his grand plans, villagers offered gifts and even companionship. Neale politely refused the advances of several women who asked to accompany him, suspecting it would not be long before he came to resent their company. He did, however, choose two non-human companions: a cat named Mrs. Thievery (named for her favorite hobby), and her kitten, Mr. Tom-Tom.”

Read the rest here:


Anchorage Island on Suwarrow Atoll. (Photo: Suwarrow/Creative Commons)


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