Say It With Me, Now: Scap-a-Relli!

From Olivia La Roche at Lone Wolf Magazine:

“Considered ugly by her family, and so, at an early age Schiaparelli set her imaginative and unconventional creativity to change her physical appearance. At 7 years old she was caught in a dangerous attempt at beatification that involved shoving seeds deep into her nostrils and ears in the hopes that flowers would grow and decorate a face she understood was lacking. This sad and naïve logic is not without validity and we see it put to use in some of her basic (if not downright dowdy) designs embellished with elaborate and often bizarre ornamentations. This deep personal understanding of the insecurities many women battle informed her designs and solidified her as a fashion designer “for the women.”

A woman after my own heart! Read the rest here:



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