Let’s Do It For Our Country, Your Mother Would Approve…

Apparently Denmark is displeased with the after effects of a falling birthrate so a Danish travel agency is working to rectify this situation by offering incentives for moms to send their adult children on “active vacations” to sunny locations with their partners so they will bonk furiously and and help repopulate the country. Seems legit! The phrase “If they won’t do it for their country, surely they will do it for their mother,” certainly gets me all hot and bothered! Read all about it here:



Abnormally Large Seaweed in the Mosh Pit…

This might be the most monumental performance art piece in the history of humanity, courtesy of Geza X:

“Another time before a show at the Whisky, we were at the beach and there had been a major storm the night before. I collected a huge mass of abnormally large seaweed and washed it off so it was slimy but clean. During the show that night, I went in to the “Mean Mr. Mommyman” routine to the usual heckling from the “real” punks (the lizard brains who used to come on weekends and show how cool they were). So I ran behind my amp and grabbed two hefty trash bags, from which I heaved a lot of seaweed right into the audience. At first they thought it was rubber, but when it made contact and the smell got around, panic set in and everyone moved way back so there was a large open space in the front. I said something smartarse like “Oh, did it get on you? Just wait a minute…” and ran up the stairs to the backstage area where I had hidden the piece de resistance from everyone (including the band). I came back down the stairs thump, thump, thump dragging a single, perfectly shaped seaweed bulb, the kind with a pointy ball and fins, except this was the granddaddy of all life on earth, being about 11 feet long and about 3 feet wide. To everyone’s fascinated revulsion, I chucked it into the slam pit where it exploded in a pile of goo. There was a moment of absolute silence after that. Somehow, that stands out as one of the most hilarious moments of my life.”

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