These X-ray pills will map the inside of your body

“I want a doctor to take your picture, so I can look at you from inside as well…”


Colon cancer is a societal scourge, killing roughly 700,000 people each year. Most cases start as small, benign clumps of cells; if caught early, it can potentially be life-saving which is why screening are recommended for anyone over the age of 50. The problem with regular screenings,, though, is that they aren’t exactly a pleasant experience—as you might imagine for a cancer that occurs in that part of the body.

Screenings involve either having a colonoscopy (during which physician sticks a thin, flexible tube up your arse to inspect your innards) or collecting your poop multiple times to have it analyzed for trace amounts of blood. Neither option sounds particularly appealing, so a start-up called Cap Check has come up with a third option that’s much easier to swallow: a pill-shaped x-ray device that’s taken orally.

Like more invasive screening methods, Cap Check is meant to detect the presence of abnormal growths and lesions, the…

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