This Scottish town just realized it’s been calling itself ‘Penis Island’ for a decade



When tourists depart the ferry and enter the tiny town of Rothesay on the Scottish island of Bute, they’re welcomed by a very nice sign. Here’s a pic:

[img attachment=”190219″ align=”alignnone” alt=”1076734161″ percentagewidth=”100″ /]

How lovely. It’s the “Gateway to Beautiful Bute,” the home of some old-ass castles and other Scottish things. I’m sure it’s a very charming place. There’s also some other words on that sign in a language you don’t recognize. The words are:

Fáilte gu Baile Bhòid
– An doras gu bhòidhchead Eilean Bhoid

It’s Gaelic, the language is Gaelic. Some of those words are supposed to say: “Welcome to the beauty of the Isle of Bute.” A little redundant, but whatever. It actually says: “Welcome to the beauty of Penis Island.”


Apparently, the Scotsman tells us, there’s supposed to be an accent on that second “bhoid.” It changes the meaning of the word from “Bute” to dick. It’s…

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