11 ‘smart gadgets’ that should have stayed dumb



The falling price of mobile device parts, combined with the tidal wave of money flowing into the tech sector, has led to an unprecedented rise in the number of internet-connected devices you can buy for your home. There are now smart toothbrushes, smart cutting boards, smart aquariums, and smart fart detectors. (Yes, really.) Basically, if you can stuff a chip and a low-power Bluetooth module into a home appliance, someone in Silicon Valley is making it.

Some of these connected devices are clever, and maybe even useful. But many of them are ill-conceived, overpriced, and ultimately useless. “Do I really want to check a bar-graph infested dashboard of my weekly eating activity?” wrote the Wall Street Journal‘s Christopher Mims in a column about the overload. “And what about the fact that every smart object I add to my life means one more device to keep charged?” These objects are…

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