Watch Jon Stewart Hit a WWE Wrestler With a Chair

Well all righty then!


A grizzled, white-bearded Jon Stewart appeared Sunday night at a WWE fight in Brooklyn, N.Y. for a cameo more raucous than most moments on the comedian’s 16-year-long show.

“Let me tell you the difference between politics and what you’re going to see tonight,” Stewart said during his introduction as he worked up the audience. “WWE performers you’re going to see tonight, they respect their audience.”

After riling up the crowd and introducing wrestlers including John Cena, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker and Sheamus, Stewart went backstage for the fights.

But during a match between Cena and Seth Rollins for World Heavyweight champion, Stewart ran out with the lethal weapon of the WWE, the chair. Prowling the ring like a caged comedian, Stewart eyed the two wrestlers before hitting Cena with a chair. Rollins won the match.

“I’ve spent the last 16 years talking about politics,” Stewart said earlier when he introduced…

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